Cryptocurrency has gained quite a popularity recently. It is a safe payment method. As more people are now getting involved in online purchases cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. Exchange tokens are an important part of cryptocurrency as cryptocurrencies use ‘exchange tokens’ to mark value and give functionalities. People buy sell and trade these tokens. They are often referred to as utility tokens. Exchange tokens can reduce the trading commissions and also provides the clients certain management rights. Exchange tokens can increase the liquidity of the market and the user base. 

What is a KuCoin token (KCS)?

KuCoin or KCS is one of the popular exchange tokens available today. So far they have carried out more than 754,675,745 trades. In the beginning, they ran on the Ethereum blockchain, so worked with the Ethereum wallet. 

Benefits of KCS

People like it because it distributes a daily dividend of the total trading fees to the users. They also get management rights. There are lots of bonus opportunities. For example, if someone owns six of these tokens then he can earn a daily bonus depending on the number of tokens owned and the overall trading volume within the exchange. Users can get discounts up to 20% when executing a trade. KuCoin token can be used for token sales of KuCoin Spotlight, Drop, or Lock. It can be used as a payment method. 

Platforms accepting KCS

KCS can be used to pay for a lot of things like when working with SwirlPay. You can use KCS in the gaming platform PlayGame or the blockchain booking platform Travala. KCS is also accepted by Print-ted, PUndiX, Splinterlands, BetProtocol, and others. 

Latest news

KCS currently has an exchange score of 8.3, average liquidity of 435, and 381 coins (Source: Coin Market Cap). It is predicted that KCS will become a bigger player in the cryptocurrency sector soon. It will provide more options and optimization. They are trying to upgrade the smart contracts. Its Empowering KCS system will provide more benefits to those who already have KCS. 

KCS is still growing, but it has certainly occupied a huge space in the cryptocurrency market. KCS has become very valuable to the users as they provide real applications, unlike many other exchange tokens. The market for KCS will surely become bigger and with the bonus and other benefits users will keep on using it. In the future it will be acceptable on many other platforms, making online transactions convenient, fast and secure. 

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